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Leading the industry, innovation, and local ecology for 25 years

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Our Company offices

The company offices employ about 25 different staff members, including:


Reception, Purchasing Department, Accounting, Marketing Department, Department of Project Management and Tenders--

Civil / Institutional / Security / Municipality, Engineering Department, Project Management Department, Budget Control Department--


All under one roof.

Aluminum Supplier

Industrial Center

Implementing plans.

Marking and cutting.




We offer a wide variety of construction works.


Manufacturing of steel bridges, hanging and structures, frames, light or heavy, construction additions or extension of steel balconies in residential buildings - symmetrical and asymmetrical.

We are here to fulfill any vision and plans you have.


At your disposal there will be a full consulting team, including - calculation of quantities, engineers, project managers, locksmiths, and welders with extensive knowledge and experience.



We’ll be there from the planning stage, to cutting the ribbon.


In recent years, we’ve successfully carried out dozens of building projects for conservation in collaboration with municipal conservation departments, architectural firms, project managers, and engineers.


We have a strict quality assurance system with an ISO 2008-9001 standard mark.

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Management and execution departments

The production plant is located in the Mevoot Gilboa industrial area near the city of Afula.


Our factory measures at 8,000 square meters and beside it we provide additional area for assembly or storage needs, as necessary.


Our factory was established to the highest and strictest standards.


Our factory is home to the most advanced beam drilling line machine in the world, made by FICEP Italy, and the only one of its kind in Israel. This machine knows how to drill and saw profiles from all four directions. The profiles are marked in the machine so that it remains only to start working and welding.


Currently our production quantity stands at 750 tons per month, but we can supply even more.


Our factory has one of the most advanced indoor painting rooms in Israel at 36 meters long and divided into two sections: a cleaning room with steel granules and a paint room.


This plant has been certified to the standard ISO 2008:9001 and many other standards, such as the 430 MPC for the production of pressure vessels up to 24 mm, the manufacturer's approval for a high-voltage electrical company, and more.

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ecology department

Our ecology unit is continuously developing advanced mechanization, anchored in a registered patent and exclusive development, for the recycling of environmental hazards and we are in the process of designing an appropriate solution with an emphasis on handling losses within animal-growing industries.


We offer a compact and efficient product that addresses the problem of losses during the day quickly, without pollution hazards, and using minimal electricity.


The final product of the machine is dry (97-93% dryness) and odorless such that it allows for efficient and clean treatment and even for the use of the product in various outlets, such as: fertilizer institutes, the pet food industry, etc.


The variety of machines we offer are all built in our factory under strict supervision and have been operating for over a decade in a many different businesses, kibbutzim, and moshavim throughout the country.


Our service department supports each of our machines with a complete inventory of spare parts, an instructional system for operation, and an eradication of faults.


All these solutions are built to fit maximally.

על ניצני העמק

A Family made of Steel

26 years ago, in the middle of hundreds of meters, there was a man with a vision: 


To lead change within the Israeli steel industry


We dreamed, and now we’re making those dreams come true:

Experience and innovation,

Accuracy and creativity,

Professionalism and personal attitude.


N-Emek Ltd. is one of the leaders in the field of construction in Israel.


Our clients include:

Public companies, the Ministry to Defense, private companies, industrial bodies, building contractors, and project managers from all over the country.




Tons of Steel Created


Number of projects


Projects in progress today

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Company Clients

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Netanya Project

Project Stochi

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